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Theme has been choosen for OID


Opaskwayak Indian Days (OID) is just under a month away and there are many events and things to look forward to as the annual celebration draws near.
This year’s theme for OID is ‘We are Indigenous and Strong in 2018’ a theme that was talked around the OID board as they were choosing them.
“When we were going through the themes there was one that kind of stood out, that was the one that we picked. We were talking about how we picked it and one of our elders that what was going on in the third world that indigenous people are coming together. These social things that are happening in the world with indigenous people, we’re still coming together to remain resilient despite of everything that kind of worked against us; working together as nations to remain strong and resilient,” explained Barney Monias, Assistant Recreation Director for OCN Parks and Recreation and Chairperson for OID.
Right now everything is being put together and the board according to Monias is very excited to host another OID this year.
“We are very excited, we’re busy right now. Everybody that I have on my staff they’re all working together to try and get all the things ready,” said Monias.
He also added the word Indian in Opaskwayak Indian Days just might be changed to Indigenous in the future.
“We like the word Indigenous now because that’s how we’re viewed and call ourselves now days in other communities,” he said.
OID starts on August 13 and lasts until August 18, read future editions of the Opasquia Times for more coverage of OID events.

Trevor Wright