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TCK closes its doors after four years


The end of a short but important era for animal care in The Pas and area came on Saturday as after four years of operation The Pas Cats and Kittens is closing down.
The shelter officially closed its doors to new arrivals on Saturday, however will remain in operation for the 17 cats and kittens still at the shelter until they are adopted or fostered out. Come September however the shelter will be completely closed, advised Lorraine McIntosh, operator of the shelter.
Cats in the shelter range in age from just a week old to eight years of age. Aside from the kittens all of the cats are litter-trained McIntosh advised.
“It was really hard,” said McIntosh about the decision to close down The Pas Cats and Kittens, a choice she mulled over for several months before announcing she was planning on closing down earlier this year. “I keep thinking about what will happen to the cats that need help.”
Thus far McIntosh stated she hasn’t heard from any individual or group that is willing to step up and take over the role of a shelter in her place, adding The Pas and Area Animal Shelter isn’t expected to be open in time to take the cats and kittens either.
The shelter is taking in donations still to keep the remaining cats cared for until they can be adopted. A recent donation from Family Foods of several hundred cans of wet food was received a few months ago and is helping to keep the shelter going now but more will be needed. Additionally, donations to the vet fund are still required as six kittens need to be spayed or neutered in the coming months, along with basic vetting needs.
“And we need people to spread the word that we have l7 cats and kittens needing homes. I am still charging an adoption fee because that is what allows us to spay and neuter the next cat,” said McIntosh.
Adoption fees are $100 for male cats and $140 for female cats.
The Pas Cats and Kittens has provided a significant service for the region, with McIntosh stating 175 cats have been adopted through the shelter since it began operations. Cats and kittens have found homes in The Pas and area as well as Flin Flon and Snow Lake and also points much further away, including southern Manitoba, Calgary and Ontario.

Trent Allen