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Former Blizzard steps away from ice


On May 24 it was announced that former OCN Blizzard defenceman and The Pas’ own Hayden Yaremko had signed up with the University of Victoria Vikes Hockey Club. In an abrupt turn-around since then Yaremko made a decision on his own volition to step away from the game, a move he linked to the impacts of concussions he’s suffered while playing the sport, concussions which has been impacting his daily life.
“I committed to play at U of Vic and I just recently decided it’s best to step away from the game because of too many concussions,” said Yaremko.
Over his career with the Blizzard and other hockey clubs it added up to the point where it was affecting him.
“A couple of concussions though minor hockey, then maybe a couple with junior hockey and then one in college, just adding up to the point where it could affect daily life,” he explained, adding, “it got to the point of headaches, sensitivity to light and other little things like that were becoming prevalent in life. I figured life is more important than hockey in that respect.”
That doesn’t mean in any way he regrets being a part of the hockey community.
“Hockey has brought me to a lot of cool places and I met a lot of great people so I don’t really regret it at all, but at the same time I’m happy with the decision I’ve made,” Yaremko said.
Yaremko did have a message to pass on to other aspiring hockey players, to not give into pressures if you feel that the game is impacting you negatively.
“You only know what’s going on in your own head, you can’t give in to the pressure of parents, coaches, trainers, friends, teammates, anyone who is trying to convince you that your head is ok and that you’re ok to play and not even doctors because they don’t know what’s going on in your head. You have to be truthful with yourself and listen to your own body and come back to playing the game when the time is right,” he said.
He adds he hopes to make the most out of life and is going to still be involved in the sport.
“I’m looking forward to getting a great education, living in a beautiful part of the country and I’ll be looking to staying involved in hockey though whatever way I can.”

Trevor Wright