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Opasquia’s Lion King Kids makes its debut


This past Wednesday Ecole Opasquia School presented The Lion King Kids, a play the students of Opasquia have been working on for quite some time.
There were two showings on Wednesday, one in the afternoon and the other later that night, each of which drew parents and families to the show in droves, showcasing the adaptation of the now classic Disney movie.
The students according to the teachers worked hard at it for the previous three months, practising a number of musical numbers over the course of the play. The kids themselves enjoyed taking part in the play.
“Exciting, and we had lots of fun, I actually know more people now,” said one student.
“Amazing,” said Victor Atoyebi, who played Simba.
The teachers who helped organize the play said it was great to see them develop as actors over the course of the previous three months.
“I’m thankful I got to be a part of the play,” said another student.
“It was hard work!” added a student who was playing one of the hyenas.
It also boosted the student’s confidence a lot according to the teachers and it was nice for them to see it all coming together.
“It was fun running around on stage,” said Landon Dorion, who played Pumbaa.
“We missed lots of recess,” said another student, adding it was worth it.
For the teachers involved they were all happy to see how the play turned out in the end.

Trevor Wright