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Disney dream of a lifetime takes flight for local kid


Last month one local youth got the chance of a lifetime as the Autism Society of Manitoba nominated Elishia Fidler, who has autism, to go on a trip with the volunteer charitable organization Dreams Take Flight which takes children with various issues including autism on trips.
This year Dreams Take Flight sponsored a trip for over 130 kids from all over Canada to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, taking off from the Winnipeg Airport at 3:00 a.m. on April 18.
It all started when a councillor from Scott Bateman nominated Fidler after local Autism Society of Manitoba representative Melanie Young was looking for someone to sponsor this year.
“We are very grateful for Krista Mosian, the Resource Councillor from SBJH (Scott Bateman Junior High), for nominating Elishia when Melanie Young from the Autism Society of Manitoba went looking for someone to sponsor for this once in a lifetime experience,” wrote Jocelyn Scott, Fidler’s foster mother, in an email to the Opasquia Times.
At first Scott was somewhat hesitant thinking about how Fidler might react to in certain settings but in hindsight she was very grateful that Fidler got the opportunity to go.
“Elishia was 11 at the time and has autism. She has some anxiety about meeting new people and being overwhelmed so I was a little concerned, then when I had to back out at the last minute my daughter-in-law Nikki Schick stepped up to be her escort. I gave her some advice on how she might react to some situations,” Scott said.
Fidler went all over Disney World and enjoyed herself all throughout, going on rides for the first time, taking pictures with the various Disney mascots and in general having a good time.
“She took pictures with the regulars like Mickey, Minnie and many more. She had all those experiences all in one day, never had she went on a children’s ride before but there she did, she went on a short boat ride and a train ride and the plane ride; she loved all of them,” said Scott.
She added that parents, when given the chance to go on a trip like this, should jump at the opportunity.
“The opportunity was an amazing experience for Elishia even though I had my doubts about the noise and just the unknown. If a parent gets this opportunity to take this trip with their child with autism, take it. The kids get to meet and mingle with their peers and then the memories they make will last forever. Elishia is always talking about her pictures or her toys she bought while there,” Scott explained.
Established in 1992 Dream Take Flight, completely run by volunteers, raises money to take kids on special trips every year with various different chapters all over Canada from Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Montréal, and Winnipeg.

Trevor Wright