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Community spray park finally is close to a reality


One community project that has been moving forward quickly recently is the effort to construct a new spray park for The Pas.
Fundraising has been going on for more than a decade and is still in the works by The Pas Families Building a Better Community, but an end is in sight as efforts to finalize funding and gain support from the Town of The Pas are showing signs of progress.
“Things seem to be moving ahead in (Town) council, there’s a proposal that’s going to come forth as of the next council meeting next Monday, and it looks like we got majority support for the Town to own and operate it. We’re hopeful that this will help get the remaining funds to hopefully break ground next year,” said Davide Novo, Chairperson for The Pas Families Building a Better Community.
They have signed up for a couple of big grants that Novo hopes will match the money they have already raised as they currently have around $95,000 in the bank.
“We have asked DMC (Destination Marketing Committee) for some money for $50,000, as part of that they wanted us to get in writing approval from (Town) council to (have the Town) own and operate it. Now that we’ve gotten that we’re hopeful we’ll get the $50,000 from DMC,” explained Novo. “Once we get the $50,000 from DMC we’ve already met with Community Places Granting which is a grant for another $50,000, which looks like we’ll hopefully be successful in getting that $50,000 and we hope to start the project next year if this all goes though in the next couple of months,” Novo explained.
It’s been a long time in the making said Novo and the upcoming year for the spray park is approaching very quickly.
“The spray park has been in the works for over the past 10 years. We’ve recently changed executive members as of August of last year with myself, my wife and a few friends have gotten together to take over it and it’s going to be a year coming up on us pretty quickly,” he said.
Novo also added that a spray park would be another proud addition to The Pas.
“I think this is just another notch in the belt for The Pas. I think we have a lot to offer as a community and I think this is going to be one little extra feature that makes our community home for so many of us,” said Novo.
If it wasn’t for the community contributing their money though the various fundraisers he said it wouldn’t be possible.
“We’d like to thank the community, the community support; the $95,000 we have in the bank has come from the pockets of men, women and children here in The Pas and I think that has spoken loudly to council in that the community, the people of this town want this park and I would like to thank everybody for contributing,” Novo said.
The location of the spray park is set to be placed at the corner of Centennial Park near the Roy H. Johnston Arena according to Novo.
There’s also going to be a Touch a Truck fundraising event coming up on June 2, also at the Roy H. Johnston Arena, for the spray park.

Trevor Wright