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Today’s a special day for some


Today is 4/20, which holds a special place in cannabis culture as a day to celebrate the smoking of the illegal substance of cannabis, usually at 4:20 p.m.
The origins of would-be stoners celebrating April 20th as a day to smoke weed goes back to 1971, when five high school students who called themselves the “Waldos” designated the statue near their high school in San Rafael, California as a meeting place and 4:20 p.m. was the students chosen time.
Those five friends tried looking for an abandoned cannabis crop based on a treasure map by the supposed grower, they referred to finding the crop as “4:20 Louis”, after the man whose statue they met up near. They never did find the crop but the term 4:20 started spreading with youth in the decades after.
Since then 4/20 has gone mainstream and is used in reference by many people, young and old, including celebrities. An example of this was in the American game show Pyramid in which hip hop artist and famous stoner Snoop Dogg was a guest of in 2017, he answered without delay to a question of what the area phone code for the Czech Republic is. The area code was 420.
The day does have its downfall however, as illegal substance use tends to increase, leading to some less than positive outcomes in some cases. According to US national data, during the last 25 years they have found there was a 12 percent increase of fatal motor vehicle crashes every year on this day.
One of the first US States to legalize marijuana, the state of Colorado had a highway mile sign with 420 on it. The sign kept being stolen and the Colorado Department of Transportation replaced the sign with another one reading 419.9 in order to keep it from being stolen. Other states with similar signs have done the same.
Today 420 remains a code word among stoners to smoke weed and holds a special place in cannabis culture.

Trevor Wright