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Who wants to be a millionaire?


By the end of next month somebody -quite possibly someone from The Pas or surrounding area- will be a millionaire.
The seemingly neverending saga that is Chase the Ace (CTA) at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #19 in The Pas moved on for another week on Saturday, as the elusive ace of hearts was once again not found. John Finestone was the latest to take a crack at finding that ace but instead drew the queen of spades and with it a consolation prize of $34,803.
There are now just three cards left in the deck but as every card goes down the pot only continues to surge upward, and following Saturday night the jackpot breached the $1 million barrier. If the ace is found on April 14th, which is the next CTA event, the winner will take home $1,009,870.
This past weekend also maked the end of one sideshow that has been a running factor in CTA; socials. The hall side of the legion housed socials every weekend where CTA tickets were also sold, and for those who didn’t want to spend hours -and in recent CTA events, days- in line to get into the club side of the Legion, tickets to those socials were a hot commodity, with some reportedly scalped for $500 or more. CTA will be moving to the Roy H. Johnston Arena for it’s next drawing and there will be no social component to it, meaning the only way to get in is either to be a volunteer or to line up early.
CTA is on hiatus for three weeks due to scheduling conflicts and holidays. According to the Legion’s facebook page, the March 24th drawing is cancelled as the hall side is being used for the Kinsmen’s Ladies Night event while the March 31st draw is cancelled due to Easter weekend. April 7th was originally supposed to go ahead but was cancelled last week at the request of organizers for the Rotary Club of The Pas’ Bill Bannock Fishing Derby.
The seating capacity for the arena for the CTA event is expected to be 1,000.
Amber Whitehead, Director of recreation for the Town of The Pas, stated formal plans for managing the expected crowd of people lining up to get into CTA will be formulated in the coming days and a statement will be issued at some point ahead of the April 14th draw. In 2016, the last time CTA went to the arena, the final drawing seen a line up stretch from the arena through several residential blocks before ending behind the arena on the Goldie Goldstrand running track.
Linda Kuhl, Office Manager at the Legion and one of the main organizers for CTA, stated the line up will be expected to go the opposite way this year and away from the residential areas of town.
The event is also expected to draw a wide number of volunteers, as upwards of 100 people will be needed to run CTA at the arena, from security and bar staff to ticket sellers and table clearers.

Trent Allen