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Quacky-style fun for the kids at Fun-Key Ducks


It was a time for fun for many young children in The Pas and area as the Fun-Key Ducks, a family-friendly children’s entertainment group, came to perform at Kelsey Community School, much to the delight of many kids Sunday afternoon.
The Fun-Key Ducks consisted of entertainer Laura Kolisnyk, the Fun-Key Ducks band, as well as her imaginary friend Duck.
It turned out to be quite the success according to Kolisnyk, with nearly every kid in attendance taking part in the show.
“It was great to come up to The Pas. We just had so much fun, the kids were all singing and dancing with us and we had a great time here,” Kolisnyk said.
When Duck came out on stage there was an audible cheer from the kids being excited to see the imaginary character.
It’s always a great time for Kolisnyk while doing kids shows as she has been doing it for over a decade.
“I love it, I have been touring for 15 years with various kids acts and it makes my heart so happy to see little ones singing, dancing and having a good time. I feel really lucky to be able to do it,” said Kolisnyk.
For her what makes good kids show is that the kids themselves have to be involved.
“A lot of audience participation, things for kids to connect to and stuff for them to do, then just a lot of energy and a lot of fun,” she said.
You can check out their upcoming shows, purchase music and find out more information about them by visiting funkeyducks.ca.

Trevor Wright