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Locals do well at ‘18 Winter Games


Among the many different athletes in northern Manitoba who took part in the 2018 Manitoba Winter Games, which took place recently in Thompson were over 10 local athletes, some of those coming back with medals of their own.
Among other local players who got Team North a medal were Keilan Holland and Chase Bertholet, who each earned a bronze in hockey as well as Jarvis Gibb, a swimmer who won five gold medals, one bronze medal and a silver medal.
“It’s good to get (Team) North some medals because we didn’t really get that many,” said Bertholet.
“It feels pretty good to bring home a medal,” added Holland.
For the hockey players it got pretty tough at times during the games themselves.
“They were very tough, the top 100 kids from Manitoba playing hockey,” Bertholet said.
Not to say that they didn’t have fun, meeting up with other athletes from all over Manitoba.
“It was really high-paced hockey. The village was fun to be in with all the other kids in, we played basketball every morning lots of times, there was an escape room and laser tag was pretty fun and there were snacks waiting outside for us,” Bertholet said.
It was significantly busier though for Gibb who took part in the second half of the Manitoba Games.
“We would wake up by six (a.m.) and get there at seven, and then we would come back by nine at night,” said Gibb.
Some of the most memorable parts of the 2018 Manitoba Winter Games for the local athletes were the ceremonies at the beginning and end.
“There was a huge crowd at the rink and we all came into the rink at one time (as Team North). Each team came in separately, once we came into our seat there was a bunch of cool dances and a band that was going on,” Bertholet said.
Now that the games are over they can only wait and hope to see that they will make it to Team Manitoba in the Canada Games.
“The Manitoba Games was just a tryout for the Team Manitoba Team. Next thing they cut a few players and hopefully we can make the next phase to the top 80,” said Bertholet.
In total, Team North finished last in the standings for the Games, coming home with just 21 medals. The next Canada Games will be in 2019. The Canada Games are held every two years.

Trevor Wright