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Chase the Ace pot climbs; new location could be coming


Four cards, one grand prize, and now a possible location change.
The fervor that is Chase the Ace continued to reach new heights this past weekend, with the jackpot that has already received provincial attention jumped another $96,000 on Saturday. What is even more remarkable is that it still didn’t go.
With just five cards left, Chris Scott had his number called but wasn’t able to find the ace of hearts. Instead he pulled the queen of hearts and walked away with a consultation prize of nearly $29,000.
Now, with just four cards remaining, there is a 25 per cent chance that if you are the lucky one to get a shot at finding the ace you will come out successful.
Winning this Chase the Ace is nothing to sneeze at either, as the grand prize for the winning if the ace is found on Saturday will be $893,860.
There is scheduled to be one more drawing held this Saturday night at the Royal Canadian Legion, and if the ace is not found then the event will be moving to the Roy H. Johnston Arena, just like it did at the end of the last round of Chase the Ace back in 2016. That year the pot was only just over $200,000 and yet it drew such a strong response that a line up was formed that wrapped all the way from the arena, down Cathedral Avenue and up St. Antoine Street before coming back round to the rear of the arena.
The drawing on Saturday was potentially put in jeopardy on Tuesday morning when the hosts of the social stated they were considering cancelling having Chase the Ace due to harassment. Jodie Kuhl, Entertainment Chair for the Legion, stated she was aware of the matter however the Legion had not been contacted as of that morning about the matter by social organizers.
Line ups have been nothing new for this round of Chase the Ace, with people lining up to get into the club side of the Legion since November, while tickets to social events on the hall side have been a hot commodity for just as long, with reports of scalping of tickets resulting in prices being paid in the hundreds of dollars in some cases.
Kuhl stated the lineup for Saturday’s Chase the Ace will be more closely monitored to help reduce or prevent people from jumping ahead in line.
The first round of Chase the Ace in the arena will be held on April 7th, as following this weekend’s drawing there will be a two week break before moving to the arena. Currently it is slated to see April 14th as the final drawing of Chase the Ace as despite the fact there will be two cards left at that point, if the ace isn’t found on the first drawing a second number will be pulled immediately after and that number would be the winner.
The jackpot for Chase the Ace is already the highest ever recorded for such an event in Manitoba and it is expected if it reaches the final two cards that the jackpot could reach as high as $1.3 to $1.5 million.
Of course all of that only happens if the ace lasts that long. If it does go this weekend the next round of Chase the Ace won’t start until September. The exact amount it would start at isn’t determined yet but if it had gone last weekend the estimated starting pot was approximately $112,000.
Kuhl noted volunteers are “getting tired” as the weeks go by but added there is still an appeal to also seeing it last a little while longer.
“I would be happy to say our little Legion in The Pas had a million dollar draw,” said Kuhl.
Kuhl was also pleased with the amount of money that has been flowing into the pockets of local user groups, an amount Kuhl pegged at over $100,000.
“That part makes me super happy,” said Kuhl.
There will be a lot of user group benefits if Chase the Ace hits the arena. Kuhl projected upwards of 100 volunteers will be needed and they will be pulled from the 13 different user groups who are still on the rotation, along with Legion members themselves. Part of the proceeds each week goes back to the user groups who have in recent weeks earned more in one night at Chase the Ace than they may make in a year.

Trent Allen