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They did it! The Pas Huskies won the Good Deeds Cup.
Initially starting out in the top 10 finalists for the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup the team had guaranteed $2,000 to the local homeless shelter Oscar’s Place. A few weeks later they had made it to the second round guaranteeing another $3,000, that however changed when it was announced Monday morning the Huskies won, earning $15,000 for the shelter.
It was quite the experience for both the organizers at The Pas Minor Hockey Association as well as the players on the team. Starting out as simply helping out in the community by cooking and serving a meal at the homeless shelter, once involved with the Good Deeds Cup it turned into something much bigger within the wider community.
“It started off small town, grassroots, it spread regionally we had people in the north that were really getting hyped up on, it was a combination of people that were passionate about Oscar’s (Place) to people who were passionate about homelessness as an issue overall and it was about people who had pride for our team, and it had people who were proud of our community and was proud of our region,” explained Jerome Conaty, the Communications Director for The Pas Minor Hockey Association, adding, “by the time we had made the finals the huge community support and the grassroots efforts it was almost impossible for anybody else to catch up.”
“Ultimately this came down to each person believing in it, interacting with it online, talking about it in real life,” he said, talking about the large local online following, as well as the support The Pas Huskies posters found everywhere in the community.
There was also quite a few big names that put their support behind the team and in turn Oscar’s Place as well.
“I would say that Ace Burpee was definitely the biggest (name), we had Theo Fleury, Bridget Laquette, Mike Ferland from the Calgary Flames, Holly McNarland and Bif Naked those were all huge nods, then there was Shane Hnidy who used to be with the Jets, that helped propel it, then there was Trappers’ (Festival) that was our one big festival and for us to piggy back of their (the Trappers’ Festival Board) community event that was a real big thing as well,” Conaty said.
The win came as a surprise to The Pas Huskies themselves, as Chevrolet wanted to capture their immediate reactions, taking them out onto the ice with the lights off then turning it on with the Good Deeds Cup on the ice, “you’re going to see those kids faces a lot in the next year,” said Conaty, but he said the biggest story to come out of this is the money coming to Oscar’s Place, which they are very much appreciative.
“It means the world for Oscar’s Place $15,000 when we’re running on a shoestring budget that amount of money it creates a lot of breathing room for the shelter and makes things a lot easier going forward,” said Chad Zolinski, Vice-Chairperson for Stand Up For Oscar’s Place.
The Huskies weren’t initially expecting to succeed in the Good Deeds Cup, at the beginning they just wanted to provide a hot meal to the homeless population of The Pas.
“When we did this as a team-building exercise at the beginning of the season this was not on our radar whatsoever, this was all icing on the cake, we went there when they had a call for help out in the community that they needed help feeding these folks and we answered that call, it was as simple as that,” explained Conaty.
In comparison to the other top three finalists Oscar’s Place needed it much more than the other two.
“They were giving to the Ronald McDonald House and to the Salvation Army, those are both groups that do some good work in their communities but they’re also a lot larger, but for an organization that doesn’t know its fate and has huge needs now, $15,000 is huge,” Conaty said.
“It’s definitely going to get some much needed cots and other supplies for the shelter that are extremely important,” Zolinski said.
Conaty also pointed towards The Pas Minor Hockey Association’s volunteers, saying they were invaluable to the Good Deeds Cup win.
“Stand Up For Oscar’s Place is extremely thankful for all the community support to The Pas Huskies and everything they did for the community, and the organizers for the whole event, it’s extremely important the people are getting behind our homeless shelter especially when we need all the help we can get,” added Zolinski.
Good deeds do not go unnoticed, and for The Pas Huskies they certainly didn’t go unrewarded.

Trevor Wright