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Muilenburg crowned as the 2018 Fur Queen


Perhaps no one was more surprised and excited than Cherilyn Muilenburg.
The bright-eyed and beaming Miss Missinippi Airways candidate for the title of 2018 Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival Fur Queen awaited her fate alongside the remain group of eight candidates who had spent months leading up to this week and countless hours during Trappers’ Festival fundraising and touting the virtues of the festival. Now, on the Saturday of festival in front of a tight crowd as a brutally cold win ran through Fort-Whoop-It-Up Fur Queen Director Krista Tooley made the announcement all were gathered to hear.
The 2018 Fur Queen is Cherilyn Muilenburg. When he name was announced, Muilenburg burst into tears of joy.
“Amazing. I’m blown away, I wasn’t expecting this,” said Muilenburg just minutes after being crowned and mobbed by family, fellow contestants and well-wishers.
If expectations were what dictated who would be wearing the crown then Muilenburg had someone else in mind as Fur Queen; Miss Northland Ford Andrew Moerike.
“Andrea of course because she’s been an awesome role model I think and I look up to her and she’s very good with people,” said Muilenburg when asked who she thought would be named Fur Queen.
Muilenburg wasn’t far off; Moerike claimed the 2nd Princess title, joining Miss OCN Blizzard Gabby Umpherville who was named as the 1st Princess.
“It’s been busy, cold, but lots of fun but I got to spend lots of time with these girls and its been awesome,” said Muilenburg when reflecting on the festival. “Much busier but it was awesome. I got to see a lot of the Trappers’ festival that I hadn’t seen before, like the flour packing we seen today and I got to go my first fishing derby so that was fun.”
Now she has a year of representing the festival to look forward to and while that year may seem like a long time ahead when looking at it from the vantage point of having just been crowned as Fur Queen, Muilenburg said she has high hopes and plans for her role.
“Getting out into the community, going to all the events, parades – I hope I get to stand in a couple of parades,” she said.
For now though it is time to revel in her success and enjoy the moment. Still, she couldn’t help but reflect back once more and tip her tiara toward her fellow candidates.
“I just want to say that I’m so proud of all the other girls who ran, I’m so happy to be able to run with all of them because it was amazing and I hope that next year we have as many or twice as many girls.”

Trent Allen