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Huskies vying for first in Good Deeds Cup bid


You have two days left to help out The Pas Huskies
in their bid to win the
Good Deeds Cup!
The cup honours local hockey clubs that give back to their communities and for The Pas Huskies, their efforts have to do with the local homeless shelter, Oscar’s place. In the fall the team went and spent an evening serving up a meal for the clients of Oscar’s Place, well before anyone had even heard of the Good Deeds Cup. When the Good Deeds Cup event was announced, the Huskies’ efforts at the shelter seemed like a natural fit for the type of activity that the cup was trying to promote so team officials organized a submission.
From there the Huskies were selected for a top 10 finalist position -an announcement which was made live during the World Junior U-20 Hockey Championships earlier this month- and are now aiming to get into the top three through the current round of voting.
By being named a finalist the Huskies have already earned $2,000 for Oscar’s Place, an amount that could jump to $5,000 should they be among the top three vote-getters.
That’s where you, the reader, The Pas, OCN and surrounding area come in as a community, and every one of the ex-patriots of our region come in as a YouTube army. To earn a vote all that must be done is for people to watch the Huskies video about their efforts at Oscar’s Place. Ever view equates to one view and you can watch it as many times as you want.
To watch the video - it is only one minute long if you are crunched for time- go to YouTube and look up the video titled The Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup - The Pas Huskies. As of Thursday morning the video had been viewed 23,128 times, and the Huskies are in a back and forth battle for top spot with a team from Ontario, the Quinte Red Devils who had 23,397 votes as of press time.
If they remain in the top three by the deadline of 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, not only do the Huskies earn $5,000 for Oscar’s Place, they also join the other two clubs in the top three and have their video go before a panel of judges who will determine which of the three is the grand prize winner. If selected, the huskies would see the prize money for Oscar’s Place get bumped up to $15,000.
Team members Jace Barr and Logan Marr were excited
“It’s going pretty good,” said Marr. “I’m very excited.”
“We told everybody (to vote),” added Barr, who said a few of his friends have jumped on the voting bandwagon
“What’s going to drive the votes is not just daily viewing -and thanks for doing that- but we need the social media outreach and right now we’re lacking, specifically on Twitter, and Instagram and Snapchat,” said team volunteer Brad Barr. “Help us get more viral.”
“It would mean a lot to the homeless shelter,” added Marr.

Trent Allen