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MBCI places fourth in national school competition


Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute (MBCI) was recently competing in a national competition that was run by the tech-start-up ChatterHigh. According to a spokesperson from ChatterHigh thousands of high school students all over Canada took part in this competition taking daily quizzes to earn points, with those points being allocated towards their top point total win.
The categories in ChatterHigh were divided based on student population with MBCI slotted into the AA category which was for schools with a 100-499 size student population. MBCI managed to place fourth out of hundreds of other schools that participated all over Canada with the competition held throughout the month of November.
“It means they were dedicated, they were engaged, that they did very, very well overall against other schools of the same size,” said Lisa Gibb, Business and Career Development Teacher at MBCI.
According to Gibb it was in recognition of Manitoba’s Career Development Month. She had her classes take part in the daily online quizzes and each of the students researched and answered 10 questions in relation to higher education and career options that are available across Canada.
“They would get 50 points for researching a question and 50 points for getting it correct. If they get 10 out of 10 that gave them the 1,000 points,” Gibb said.
Each question they answered correctly they were able to enter a draw for a gift card or donate the winning points to help support WE Villages which helps build communities with a sustainable development model in poorer countries. The village WE Villages are helping build is in Sierra Leone.
“We did have one student who won a gift card for Sephora,” she said adding, “We had 136 participants.”
The competition also saw the students learn how to do research; by the time the month was ending they had learned to answer most of the questions.
“They had to learn how to do research. The beginning of the month they were getting six out of 10 questions correct, by the end of the month they were able to do research and get the answers that were required; by the end of the month a lot of them were getting 10 out of 10,” Gibb explained.
According to Gibb this was either the third or fourth year they took part in ChatterHigh. They had previously made it into the top 10, but this was the highest that they made it thus far.

Trevor Wright