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Town elects to maintain water bills for Larose residents


The ongoing construction on Larose Avenue is done for 2017 and will be finalized likely in the spring of 2018, but for now there is on issue stemming from the work which could have thousands of dollars on the line for the Town.
During Monday’s Town council meeting, it was revealed some residents on Larose Avenue had expressed disappointment over the cost of their water bills. An unspecified amount of residents were reportedly under the belief there would either be no water bill or a discounted water bill while the work was being done.
Chief Administrative Officer Randi Salamanowicz advised this was not the case and that the Town’s engineering department had decided to do estimates of usage along Larose so that “bills would be in line with what they normally pay.”
In an information sheet provided to council by Jenn Early, Town of The Pas Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, it was noted the Town had considered charging the minimum amount for water service however elected not to do so when the transition from the old water lines to the new ones went off with minimal disruption. Salamanowicz at the meeting advised nearly all residents were without water for less than one day during the switch and those that did go longer than day was only due to the fact the resident of the home was not available for the water to be turned on again after the connection was made. Additionally it was stated most disruptions in service would have been done during the day when it is expected most residents would not be home and thus not be consuming any water.
The matter was taken to council for direction, but was originally going to be tabled as Sam Mirza, Town of The Pas Municipal Superintendent, could not attend the meeting to answer further questions from council. Mayor Jim Scott did agree with tabling the matter until Mirza could attend, however councillors Andrew Forward, Margaret Commodore and Alan Gibb all stated they were comfortable going with the decision of administration on the matter and didn’t need to wait until a later meeting to hear from Mirza.
Mirza was of the opinion to do the regular billing given the limited disruption in service. It was noted if council had decided to instead reduce the water bills on Larose Avenue to the minimum amount it would have been a loss in revenue of $7,388.93.

Trent Allen