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Halloween - tigers, dinosaurs, trolls oh my!


For the first time in a few years Halloween was greeted with a layering of snow, cold temperatures and the need for a winter jacket but that didn’t stop the community from celebrating the annual tradition dedicated to ghosts and ghouls.
In The Pas, children once again descended on Cathedral Avenue and surrounding streets though some people did report increased numbers at their homes away from what has become the gathering point in the community for trick or treaters. Several locations were also set up in the community to hand out treats to those who donned a costume, including at the fire hall where members of The Pas Fire Department, including the loveable mascot Sparky, were awaiting children with a large bucket full of sugars and sweets.
On OCN meanwhile staff in the various departments on the lower level of the Otineka Mall held their own decorating contest, with most of the staff getting quite involved in the festive spirit, including a haunted house to walk through.
Despite the fact this was the first Halloween to greet trick or treaters with what is likely to be a permanent layer of snowfall, the streets of The Pas and OCN were once again filled with princesses and demons, Frankenstein’s and minions, hockey players and dinosaurs, all on the hunt for candy.

Trent Allen