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Linda Kuhl speaks on winning Lifesaving Award


Back in late September, two local ladies at the Royal Canadian Legion were awarded the Lifesaving Award for the Order of Saint John which recognizes individuals who have saved people’s lives.
The life they saved was of one of the members Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Lorna Scheschuk, who earlier in the year had a heart attack. Those ladies who helped save Scheschuk’s life were Linda Kuhl, Royal Canadian Legion Branch Manager for Legion Branch #19, and Amy Cryderman who also works at the Royal Canadian Legion.
It all started when the Legion Ladies Auxiliary was helping prepare food for an event. Then Scheschuk had a heart attack while in the kitchen “and I just did CPR until the first responders and the RCMP got here. We had the AED (automated external defibrillator) ready and they helped us with the AED, we applied the AED and we brought her back. (She) went off to the hospital and was transferred to Winnipeg,” said Kuhl.
Cryderman was working in the Club Room and she helped out Kuhl as Kuhl was performing CPR.
“She just happened to be in the Club Room at that time. She did come into the kitchen and I said get back there and get the AED, we’re going to need it. She got the AED and helped me cut off her shirt and everything,” Kuhl said.
It was all a spur of the moment occasion for Kuhl as there wasn’t any time to think about things. Luckily, Kuhl kept her cool.
“I don’t know CPR, I’ve never taken a class and never done it before in my life, but I was very lucky I had watched things on TV, I knew where to place my hands and I had 911 on my cell phone. She (the 911 operator on the phone) said you don’t have to do any breathing anymore; it’s just a matter of keeping it up at a good pace, so we did. She took a couple of minutes before she started breathing again,” explained Kuhl.
Scheschuk is currently doing well and is making a full recovery.
“She’s doing well, she was sent down to Winnipeg, they had to keep her in a coma for a while. I did crack a couple ribs but that’s apparently a good thing -if you crack ribs that means you’re doing it right- but she hurt herself because she fell on her face. She was very swollen and bruised, but she got a pacemaker and she’s doing well. In fact she was in here the other day and helping the ladies make sandwiches,” added Kuhl.
Kuhl went on to talk about the awards ceremony down at the Government House down in Winnipeg.
“I really liked Janice Filmon (Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba), she’s a really nice lady, she’s very personable, welcoming individual, she was very nice.”
Kuhl wasn’t the only person to earn the honor.
“There was two others, one gentleman resuscitated his father-in-law and saved his life and another got an award, I think she pulled someone out of a vehicle,” said Kuhl.
Kuhl only had one word to describe her feelings on winning the Lifesaving Award.
“(I’m) humbled,” said Kuhl, later adding, “It’s pretty awesome to save somebody’s life. I was happy I could be there.”

Trevor Wright