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Refurbished Family Room has new feel and look


The Pas Health Complex Ladies Auxiliary recently helped refurbish the Family Room on the second floor of Saint Anthony’s Hospital/The Pas Health Complex.
There were several aspects of the second floor Family Room that had to be updated, from new fire retardant furniture and heavier tables to make sure people who have to lean on them can to the room also being repainted by the hospital itself. Other updates include paintings by Ernie Scoles, a local artist.
“In this particular room, because we had a pedestal table, we were really concerned that if people were kind of not well and leaning to get up over it, they might tip it. So the ladies said what if we had a heavy weighted table; let me tell you it’s not going anywhere,” said Ingrid Olson, Executive Director of Clinical Services for The Pas and area, Northern Health Region.
The patients will need it as it does get a lot of use from them, especially, as Olson specified, the palliative care patients.
“This room gets a lot of use, especially when we have palliative patients in here and they’re here with many, many family members. So this room is very heavy use, so we have some hospital grade furniture here now that we can clean easily. It’ll be a little bit more durable; this chair here actually flips back so people can lounge out on it if they need a little rest,” said Olson.
"Hospital Auxiliary has looked after the family room since before I started so I don't know how many times they have refurbished the room," said Carolee Despins, President of the Ladies Auxiliary. "I know it’s been done twice since I started in 2007.”
Roughly it cost around $10,000 to upgrade the room and with shipping the approximate estimate of the overall refurbishing came in around $12,000 to $13,000. It was all fundraised by The Pas Health Complex Ladies Auxiliary though various fundraisers over the past year, from Tag Day to various teas and other methods of fundraising.

Trevor Wright