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Big Eddy FC comes back to win M5 Soccer Tournament


This past Saturday the annual M5 Big Eddy Soccer Tournament took place at the Big Eddy Soccer Field. It initially was set to take place at noon, but it was delayed until later in the day in order for more players to join the tournament.
The M5 Big Eddy Soccer Tournament has been around for some time at this point and, as the main organizer Ken ‘Clums’ Lathlin said, it is for “a bunch of guys who get together every year.”
It then started off around 2:00 p.m., with two teams. Lathlin did want to put together his own team much like last year but he couldn’t form one due to not having enough players.
“Last year I had three teams again. There wasn’t enough participants so I had to come up with something to make the game happen. Last year I did a best out of three games so that worked out, my team won that. We were called M5,” recalled Lathlin. “This year we had to defend the title. Unfortunately we didn’t have a team this year but we had to keep the tournament going.”
So two teams were formed, the Big Eddy FC vs the Young Guns, and Lathlin made a deal with the two teams to play a best out of five final.
“The first game the Young Guns won it, 30 minute halves, we gave 15 minute breaks after that, then the second game we started, they won that too. So they won two games to nothing, the (Big Eddy FC) were about to give up, but I said don’t give up man, you guys are still alive you can do it,” explained Lathlin.
In a surprising turn of events the Big Eddy FC turned the tide of the game winning three games in a row against the Young Guns to make a stirring comeback and take the tournament 3-2.
“Sure enough they won their third game by 1-0 or something, we finished that game off, it was getting harder and harder,” recalled Lathlin. “The fourth game came around, the team would tie it up 2-2, (I said) ‘I told you, you can do it, you guys are tying it already, people have something to yell and cheer about.’
After the series was tied at two Lathlin game the teams the option to change things up a little for the winner-take-all final game.
“They (Big Eddy FC) tied it up, I asked them what they want to do, do you want to go 30 (minutes) or 40. (They said) let’s do 40, we still had a lot of daylight, might as well kill the evening off. They still wanted to go for it,” Lathlin said.
“Game five was a good one, I didn’t think those guys (Big Eddy FC) were going to win it... eventually they came back and they won, three games straight (from) a two game deficit,” he added.
The entry fees from the two teams formed the main prize and with the Big Eddy FC winning the tournament, they won $400 as well as the MVP Cup.
Lathlin would later add that he would like to see more participation from both sides of the river.
“I just would like to see more participation, even from town (The Pas). I would like to get town teams going too, to get both sides of the river to communicate in some way with events,” said Lathlin.

Trevor Wright