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Street Festival enjoys strong success in new location


The 9th annual Street Festival took place this past Saturday night along Smith Avenue in front of the Roy H Johnston Arena and during the festival a large number of vendors, food trucks and groups as well as some firefighters came out to set up and participate in the festival. In addition the community at large also came out, with a number of people being seen at any time during the festivals duration from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
“The Street Festival is a wonderful success so far, the vendors seem to be doing really well. We have a variety here, we have baking, we have homemade items, bath bombs, Scentsy, face painting is also here, she’s a real hit,” said Desarae Lambert Community Facilitator for The Pas Community Renewal Corporation (TPCRC) who hosted the 9th Annual Street Festival. “We also have a scavenger hunt, we also have the rock painting activity table, that’s to promote the Facebook page, The Pas and Flin Flon Rocks, kids and parents are encouraged to paint rocks and hide them throughout the community. If you happened to find one of the rocks please take a picture of it and share it to the Facebook page; you can either re-hide it or keep it.”
With The Pas Homecoming right inside the Roy H Johnston Arena there were plenty of people coming and going, making it more of a success than if the two events had gone on separate.
“It’s been our first time holding the festival here on Smith Avenue and I have to say it’s a great success to have it here. We were invited to partner with The Pas Homecoming seeing as their home base is the Roy H, so that partnership has been wonderful,” Lambert said.
Aside from partnering up with The Pas Homecoming, TPCRC has also partnered up with the various vendors and other organizations.
“The Street Festival has had a number of partners involved to make it successful. We do extend the invite to homebased businesses and non-profit organizations,” Lambert explained.
One of the major events that was successful was the pie in the face fundraiser which The Pas Families Building a Better Community hosted at the festival. Local figures such as the Opasquia Times Editor Trent Allen, Mayor of the Town of The Pas Jim Scott, Town councillors Crystal Morrish and Alan Gibb, MLA for The Pas Amanda Lathlin, CJAR 102.9’s Blake Piddle, Reeve for the RM of Kelsey Rod Berezowecki and several others took part. People paid $5 to throw a pie and water balloon at the local figures and in the end $1,185 was raised with proceeds going towards the spraypark and skatepark projects.
It has been very successful for the fundraisers who had to resupply pretty quickly.
“It’s looking fairly successful. We’ve had to go back to Grub Box for a couple of refills already on supplies so things are going pretty decent,” explained Jerome Conaty, who is part of the fundraising group for The Pas Families Building a Better Community. “Obviously a great thank you to the volunteers. It’s not an easy thing to stand there and let people throw a pie and water balloons at you but yeah, it’s been a lot of fun so far. The kids are having a really good time and the adults too.”
Overall the 9th Annual Street Festival was a great success with lots of community participation.

Trevor Wright