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Town to provide additional support for OCN Blizzard


As efforts are being made to ensure the OCN Blizzard remain in the community for years to come, the financial situation the club faces this year will have a significant impact on that. To that extent the hockey club may see additional support from the Town of The Pas this season.
The Blizzard requested some in kind donations from the Town to offset operating costs the club has incurred in recent years. The club has asked the Town to sponsor ice time for two games this year at a cost of $486 plus provide free use of the Wellness Centre for training and development, a cost which was pegged at $4,472 for six months.
The request is slated to be voted on at the next Town council meeting according to Jennifer Early, Town of The Pas Assistant Chief Administrative Officer.
The two games the Town is being asked to sponsor will be held at the Roy H Johnston Arena with one slated to be held during Trappers’ Festival. The timing of the second game was not specified by the team.
According to Early the sponsorship requests, if approved, would be in addition to an already allotted $5,000 for the hockey team currently in the Town’s 2017 financial plan. The Town has routinely dedicated $5,000 for the hockey club annually in its budget.

Trent Allen