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Incredibly Hip tribute next best thing


At the Aseneskak Casino this past late Saturday night the Incredibly Hip, a tribute band to the Tragically Hip, performed at the casino at the Eagles Nest Restaurant. An event which was attended by a number of people.
“We’re paying homage to Canada’s favorite band and I think we do a great job in representing the Hip in places we played so far. I think we rock pretty hard and we put on a great show; we’re having fun with it. Everyone in the band gets along, it’s a good group of guys, it’s still a lot about having fun,” said front man and vocalist for the Incredibly Hip Rob ‘Gord Downie’ Harris.
Harris talks about how if one cannot afford to see a Tragically Hip, then the Incredibly Hip is the next best thing that there is.
“We provide great entertainment for people who haven’t been able to see the Hip in the last few years and due to some of the ticket scalping sites they haven’t allowed people to go and see the band, so you can come here to a great venue like this and for 10 bucks, if you can’t see the real thing, we’re the next best thing I guess, if I may be smug enough to say that,” Harris said.
Ever since the Tragically Hip’s lead singer Gord Downie get diagnosed with brain cancer the Tragically Hip has been touring less, and since then more Canadians have learned to appreciate the Tragically Hip and their contribution to Canadian culture.
“I think it’s important to know that we’re huge fans of the band of course, we worked really hard to put the show together. Like Rob said we wanted to do it right and we wanted to make it as good as possible. It’s something that Canadians really have latched onto, the band and the unfortunate news of Gord Downie’s (cancer diagnosis); there’s been more heightened awareness of the band. It’s up to us to really keep the show to the essence of what the Tragically Hip is,” said Rob Walker, lead and rhythm guitar player for the Incredibly Hip.
The Tragically Hip’s cultural importance for Canada is not lost on the Incredibly Hip.
“I think it puts some pressure on us; it’s a challenge for us to do as good a job as we can. For me to do a good job of being Gord and taking it seriously, realizing how important the band is to the country and how important he himself is to not only the Canadian public but to the native community as well with all that he’s been doing as of late,” said Harris.
As for the Aseneskak Casino the band members themselves have praised the hospitality of the casino and what they have done to accommodate the band.
The Tragically Hip did their farewell tour last year and have not announced plans to do further performances.

Trevor Wright