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Storytellers Film Festival celebrates Aboriginal Day


This past Wednesday night the Storytellers Film Festival hosted a special National Aboriginal Day Film Festival at The Pas Regional Library in order to celebrate aboriginal, indigenous and First Nations filmmakers from all over Canada ahead of Canada’s 150th centennial.
“I think it’s important to share the indigenous filmmakers in Canada, especially celebrating them on National Aboriginal Day, so many people are unaware that there are a lot of indigenous people who are talented in the filmmaking industry,” explained Cheryl Antonio, one of the Directors for Storytellers.
At the beginning of the National Aboriginal Day Film Festival there were a number of short films, many of which could be interpreted in one way or another.
“There based a lot on interpretation so the storyteller absolutely had their own ideals behind what the movie was about, but as people watching the film we had our own interpretations, that’s what’s so good and powerful about those short documentaries,” said Antonio.
This idea of a National Aboriginal Day Film Festival came when the organizers of the Storytellers were organizing their annual Storytellers Film Festival which took place back in April.
“We’re the Storytellers Film Festival which has been in The Pas for several years now and throughout the years we tried on different occasions to celebrate different types of festivals. We had one at Halloween time before and we showed creepy shows, horror shows and this one for the Canada 150 as we were organizing our original date for Storytellers we got all these titles from indigenous filmmakers,” told Antonio.
While it wasn’t as well attended as the organizers wished it had been, for those who did attend the National Aboriginal Day Film Festival it was a pleasant experience watching the movies.
“Lots of positive feedback from the participants,” Antonio said.

Trevor Wright